PAST EVENTS 2014 Terez Madrid Workshop


Title: Your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Departed are talking to you! Are you LISTENING?


Location: La Fonda on Main
2414 N. Main Ave. San Antonio, TX 78212


Sunday, January 26, 2014

2:00PM - 6:00PM



Come and spend an afternoon with Terez Madrid, Angel Intuit and Medium Reiki Master, and learn how to communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and Departed. Your life can be transformed by listening and paying attention to the Spirit Realm. Spirit Communication is a natural ability for all people; done correctly and with healthy discernment it adds richness and deep connections to your life.

The seminar will give you an overview of the different forms of Spirit communications. You will be given tools and tips to safely access the Spirit Realm. You will leave feeling empowered as you use this newly found knowledge to guide you on your journey in this lifetime.

We will conclude our seminar with a Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony. This Reiki Ceremony  opens us so we can listen to our hearts and gain clarity.The purpose is to release old patterns, beliefs, experiences or anything that has impeded you from realizing your true self, through the use of fire we burn the past and create our present.  It a powerful Ceremony used in creating the life you choose to live.